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About Us

Heatvizion is a lifestyle brand with a mission to inspire and uplift the streetwear community. A reminder that imagination is everything and that everything we desire in life begins with the vizion. Heatvizion was founded by two NC A&T SU students who wanted to create a unique apparel and designs that promote positive energy and perseverance.
Founded by Shaun Anderson and David Scott in 2015, they seen that the malls began to lose their touch seeing everybody in the same gear with limited selections available. Heatvizion first submerged itself in the local sneaker community reselling sneakers as a side hustle for college then evolved once it was apparent that the public wanted something new and unique. Fellow students began to travel to great lengths just to have something new to wear on campus and set their style apart from the rest. Heatvizion hit the scene with the official "Fired-Up" logo which represents the fire or burning desire you need inside to reach those goals no matter the obstacle.
Our goal is to bring the "HEAT" and inspire the current and future generations to set those goals high, create and develop their vizion, and to succeed and achieve. Heatvizion is about the message and the energy that the designs spark; the merch just comes with it!